Our Process

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Our Process

If you're a new client and want to know what typical engagement with Ledgerpro Consulting looks like, we've outlined a step-by-step process below. This way you'll know exactly what to expect.

Step 1 - Get Things started

We meet and get to know you, learning about your practice or business. Specifically, how you generate revenue, what your recurring expenses are, software systems you use, your current needs, and long term goals

Step 2 - Gather The Details

By reviewing your tax and accounting documentation, we are able to ensure our understanding is clear. This allows us to note any points of improvement to help meet your current needs, and eventually meet your long term goals.

Step 3 - Customize Your Solution

Now we can outline a solution specific to your practice or business. Through this process, we will coach you through each step of the services that are to be provided, relay time lines and tax filing due dates, and the most efficient methods of meeting your needs. We will also provide you with documentation, such as templates and checklists, to help keep you organized.

Step 4 - Get Things On Paper

At this point, we will provide you with an engagement letter. This outlines the terms of the services we will provide to you, a quote on the fees, and what we will require from you. This helps keep us on the same page at all times.

Step 5 - Deliver

By staying in communication and working together, we move forward and deliver what is promised to you

Step 6 - Keep You Engaged

Communication is key. We will keep you informed of changes to tax regulations, tax issues, opportunities, or better ways of doing business, as they come to our attention