Payroll Services

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Payroll Services

As Organizations set up, grow and also evolve, they want to focus on their critical deliverables; outsourcing payroll services to in-country experts gives an organization the peace of mind they need.

This allows management and directors to focus on what they do best while still ensuring that their team members are paid on time and payroll is processed in line with the applicable statutory requirements and in full compliance.

It is against this backdrop that we have designed our payroll solutions to ensure your team members are well taken care of in matters of payroll and your organization complies with the applicable laws. Our key deliverables are tax and other regulatory compliances, confidentiality, timely report, leave management.

Background of the Ledgerpro Payroll Services

Our payroll services solution is designed to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, confidentiality, privacy, safeguarding of payroll data and information, timely and accurate payroll processing and reporting.

Payroll Software Infrastructure

Our payroll software solution has multi-currency capabilities and is capable of providing pay slips both in local and foreign currency. We also have in place a leave management module where employees can apply for leave and we are able to track the leave days accrued every month.

This saves HR personnel time and money in terms of paperwork and ensures that leave days are properly tracked, documented and reported.


Below is a brief procedure of how the payroll is implemented:

Payroll Services Solution Set–up

a) We carry out client interviews for us to get an understanding of your organization in matters payroll and pick out the required areas of payroll compliance.

b) Share the required payroll information checklist which also includes a payroll compliance checklist that aids us in identifying area of compliance which may be left out for example existing taxable non cash benefits.

c) Obtain employee data and upload into our system and review the results there-on. We will provide you with data capture templates to ensure easy and complete take-on.

d) Obtain payroll data for the last processed month (where applicable) and run the data in our system and reconcile the reports thereon from the previous processed reports.

e) Carry out a parallel run and compare with previously processed payroll. We could make an additional parallel run depending on the outcome of the first run.

f) Make necessary changes to ensure alignment before we go-live

Monthly Processing

a) We obtain payroll changes for the month before the cutoff date.

b) Process the payroll changes in line with our laid down procedures.

c) We generate payroll reports, carry out our internal reviews and upon approval, submit for your review and approval.

Monthly reporting

a) Process final payroll reports

b) Generate and distribute pay slips

c) Make payments to employees by the due date

d) Make other agreed payments for example SACCO deductions, insurance deductions and pension contributions.

e) Filling of the statutory returns currently NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, HELB and NITA.

f) Sending/ uploading the statutory receipts

Annual Processing

a) Generate and distribute employee tax deduction cards –P9 Forms.

b) Generate annual payroll reports for the organization.

Value Add Services to The Client

a) Professional advice from our highly qualified and dedicated team members.

b) One-stop-shop as we also assist in statutory registrations.

c) You get to draw from our firm’s collective experience spanning over 20 years.

Data Security

We have invested in robust and secure computing architecture and all data/information and related security practices and protocols are aligned to existing laws and regulations.

Service to Suit your Needs

We are able to customize our service offering to fit your needs. Whether it is a fully outsourced payroll solution, partially outsourced, payroll reports reviews, filling of statutory returns and or payments handling. We will walk with you to understand your needs and tailor our service to fit you.

Kindly reach out to us on for a tailored proposal.